Friday, December 28, 2012

A Year in the Life of Cliintel

It’s been a year of change and challenge at Cliintel, and as we close out 2012 and get ready to embark upon an exciting New Year, we’d like to thank our clients for turning to us to help solve their biggest operational challenges. This has been a year of achieving stability and readying for what will be the most important year to this company in a decade.
After moving into our new digs in the Denver Technological Center in October 2011, we unveiled the Cliintel name, bringing “client” and “intelligence” together in one brand. Formerly BATMANN Analytics, our new name helps us better communicate our client-centric philosophy and the solutions that our clients rely on every day to improve their business and ROI.
Along with the name change, we went through a re-branding effort, including a new logo, website and collateral materials, and having been in business since 1997, this was no small task! We put immense effort  into this transition, and have been happy with the results associated with our new “face”.
As 2012 unfolded, we were faced with many challenges from product to personnel. We have had many employees change positions and thankfully many new employees join the team. Now, as a company of 36-strong and still growing, we've got the mind-power it takes to bring bigger and better solutions to our customers. On the product front there have been several new prototypes from research and innovation, including: the UTAC console, signature validation, new and exciting visualization plug-ins, a brand new framework for IGNITE, and a specialty version to advance our relationship with ARRIS known as IGNITE Lite for WorkAssure.
This was a big year for our advisory board having been created and expanded in 2012 to include up to four members that meet each month to discuss opportunities, marketing messages, and prospect approach.
Our employees are like family, and we pride ourselves on our values as a company and as people. We've supported various organizations over the last year, including St. Jude’s Hospital, the Children’s Hospital Colorado Burn Camp, and the Cancer League of Colorado’s ‘Over the Edge’ program, to name a few. We look forward to supporting our employees when they have a cause they’re passionate about, and we were even recognized recently in a story and national press release about how we do just that. Our group engages in “Straight Talk” meetings every Friday, where we get together as a company and talk about what’s going on with our business and our clients. This brings us all together regularly, and keeps us focused on the reason we’re in business – to help our clients succeed.
We’re excited about our plans for 2013, which includes more outreach and education about the results our solutions can deliver. Cliintel is continuing to grow through personnel acquisition and by delivering products that our clients need. We look forward to continuing to exceed our clients’ expectations through the realization of increased revenue achieved by the implementation of our solutions. In addition, we look forward to engaging in conversations with you. Be sure to check out our Facebook page, follow us on Twitter or LinkedIn, or drop us an email.

Have a happy holiday, and we’ll see you in the New Year!