Friday, June 21, 2013

Got a Problem? We Can Solve it.

The Silver Bullet Solution

Many companies want that silver bullet that solve all of their big data problems quickly, easily, and completely. This is true for many of our clients. It’s a very seductive concept, and one that oftentimes is not realistic.
While silver bullet solutions may be few and far between, what does work is implementing proven approaches for iterative and incremental problem solving. CliIntel’s approach is just that. With the big picture in mind, we focus on iterative solutions that are self-funding. In other words, we tackle one problem at a time to maximize ROI.

The Cube of Opportunity

It’s been said that a journey of 1,000 miles begins with a single step.  CliIntel takes that single step by analyzing a small component of a business, documenting the opportunities, and presenting a conservative ROI calculation for capitalizing on one or two of the most feasible opportunities.  We calculate the feasibility based on the best ROI for the least effort with the least disruption (we call this the ‘cube of opportunity’).
Solutions are implemented one step at a time in order to maximize ROI for each iterative step completed.  Then the changes in performance levels are measured, presented and verified. The cube of opportunity represents small, incremental changes that yield results in days, not months. Results like these allow companies to make decisions swiftly and determine the next critical change to be implemented.
This incremental approach allows companies to protect their investment. Incremental investments are met with incremental returns, oftentimes far exceeding predictions. Funny thing with big data – once you can wrap your arms around the little things, the big things get easier.


We call this a self-funding model because the first project pays for itself quickly, and continued ROI pays for the next project.  You get to play with ‘house money’.  The second project pays for itself (even though the first project also paid for the second project) and the next project as well.  The third pays for the fourth, and so on.

Business Intelligence (BI)

This model is predicated on the fact that companies have the ability to quickly monitor their performance data.  Many companies already have ‘system of truth’ type BI system which provides time appropriate access to actionable data.  For companies that either don’t have this kind of system, or can’t ingest new data quickly enough to meet the measurement needs, we plug in IGNITE Lite, our low-investment easy-to-implement BI tool.  This tool allows for creation of baseline performance levels, and  timely access to the actionable data companies need to verify that optimization projects meet their goals.


Your business problems (or shall I say opportunities) probably don’t all look the same, and certainly can’t be solved with a silver bullet.  With a repeatable process that can be applied to a wide variety of challenges, incremental  insights add up to impressive results.