Friday, January 25, 2013

Sprinting Into a New Year!

When we flipped the calendar over to 2013, we celebrated Cliintel’s official completion of its first year under our new name, and our 10th year in business. After 12 months of the many adjustments that come with rebranding, one thing has remained the same: our commitment to helping our customers gain improved process efficiencies. This means less waste, more revenue, and happier customers. I like to think of what we do as having a ripple effect. When we work with large operators in the cable, telecommunications, utilities and retail industries, we’re helping them improve internal operations while also improving their own customers’ experience, which turns into more satisfied customers.
 And we’re helping some great companies. For example, our INSIGHT™ process optimization methodology continues to help ARRIS optimize their WorkAssure™ platform so that their customers, including heavy-hitters like Time Warner Cable, provide the best customer service and response times to their customers. Again, the ripple effect. Our IGNITE™ software provides the analytics companies need to aggregate massive disparate data sets into logical, actionable information. This means that people at every level within an organization can actually USE the data they collect to make the day-to-day decisions that impact growth. We’re also working on the development of a new SaaS product that will bring our powerful software to a cloud host, allowing for easier and more cost- effective access to critical data.
Our success ripples on to our customers, and continues on to their customers. Partnering with Cliintel gives our customers insights into their own business processes, supported by a strong foundation of industry specific expertise. With 2013 off to a fast paced start, we look forward to helping our customers grow while at the same time expanding our own product offerings to meet your most critical needs. We also look forward to communicating with you on Twitter, Facebook, and through LinkedIn to share ideas, answer questions, and help propel your company forward. Thanks for your support, and for allowing us to be part of the positive ripple effect you build in your own company.  

Richard M. Batenburg Jr. CEO, Cliintel