Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Goal Alignment: Does Your Company Have it?

Can you imagine what would happen if the boosters on a rocket were not aligned?  You can easily visualize that rocket careening left, right, then up and down in a completely unpredictable course.
Now apply this same principal to your business.  Your people, processes and tools are analogous to those boosters on the rocket.  If they are not aligned, and properly pointed at your target, your flight is not going to be successful.
Using our INSIGHT methodology, and our IGNITE suite of Business Intelligence (BI) tools, Cliintel helps its clients carefully tune the alignment of people, process, and tools.  Our Six Sigma trained experts will assess your operational efficiency with a combined approach of advanced statistical analysis and deep domain knowledge. We’ll look at the initiatives that are driven from the C-Suite and recommend ways to optimize your operations so that everyone within the company is in alignment, and pointed toward the target.
If your current BI tool isn’t capable of providing the proper telemetry and guidance for your flight, we have IGNITE to offer.  IGNITE will access any number of different data silos to show how each adjustment of your processes impacts your direction, and you’ll know virtually instantaneously.  Let’s face it, some really good  ideas don’t always work out as planned, and you’ll need to reverse those adjustments quickly, and you can’t do that effectively without fresh and actionable intelligence.  And for the ideas that do provide the right impact, you’ll want to know those impacts as well.  In either case, you’ll have the confidence to alter your flight knowing that your risks are controlled with our trusted INSIGHT methodology coupled with our BI knowledge.